EPE Mocks - important announcement

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EPE Mocks - important announcement

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There has been a huge volume of enquiries about whether EPE (Elevenplusexams) is holding any 'physical' mocks this month.

Whilst the Government has allowed out of school settings to operate during the summer, parents should be very cautious about sending their child to a public mock exam as the government guidelines seek to restrict contact between different groups of children and the mixing of children from different localities. These rules apply until the end of August and is the reason that EPE is not holding any such mocks this month.
Mock Exams Support Team wrote:We have reviewed the Department for Education's guidance for out of school settings and the protective measures required to prevent transmission of covid-19. After careful consideration of all the guidance, and upon legal advice and consultation with the DfE, it is clear that the holding of mock exams would not be permissible under the CURRENT GUIDELINES
For further details (including a link to the DfE guidance), and for information about online mocks, please see EPE's website page: https://mocks.elevenplusexams.co.uk/inf ... formation/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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