CEM select test - how is it marked?

CEM 11 Plus is the selective entrance exam administered by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, Department of Education, University of Durham.

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CEM select test - how is it marked?

Post by Mumof32018 »

Do kids have to score a minimum in each area, maths, English, VR and NVR or can marks in one area pull up a low mark in another area. My son found the comprehension very challenging so we are hoping his marks for the other sections will pull up the total. Does VR and the sections on antonyms/synonyms, missing words etc, count towards their English or is it only comprehension?
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Re: CEM select test - how is it marked?

Post by Brackenboo »

In Gloucestershire one school Pates requires a minimum amount across all three areas, the others look at the overall mark.

So I would imagine it depends on the school/county
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Re: CEM select test - how is it marked?

Post by mitasol »

There is not a universal answer as each school or region will make those sorts of decision. You may get an answer if you post in the relevant region.
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