Woodford County - what's the school like?

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Re: Woodford County - what's the school like?

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In response to the post above by banana I thought an alternative viewpoint would be useful. My daughter is white and we live just outside the Redbridge border but in the CCA - nowhere near Ilford. She has been at the school for several years and loves it. She has lots of friends (all lovely articulate girls with fun interesting personalities who are also highly academic) and socialises with them outside school on a regular basis - although not every week. Incidentally neither she nor most of her friends want to be doctors but there are definitely a large handful in her class of 30 that do and these girls are also fun and interesting. She would laugh at the idea that Woodford is best for quiet girls (Asian or non-Asian) from Ilford! The school is traditional but my daughter enjoys that and is proud of the Woodford traditions. Teaching is great quality and there’s lots of music and drama which my daughter enjoys participating in as well as sports teams/clubs and other after school activities ranging from cooking and LAMDA to Mandarin and a fair amount of school trips - art galleries, science fairs, France/Germany and much more. My only reservation is the journey - it would certainly be easier if she went to a school around the corner but it’s a great school and she’s very happy there so for us it’s worth it.
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