A Levels grades - offers

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Re: A Levels grades - offers

Post by quasimodo »

Daogroupie wrote:I have listened to a lot of admission officers and it is always the same message. Depth not breadth.

Better to have the chance to focus and do a really good job with three rather than spread yourself for four. DG
Particularly this year when the proposals from Ofsted are to get back to the 2019 A level grade levels with this years grades at A level being the mid point.So it will be a lot tougher compared to the last two years to get high grades.Better in the circumstances to spread yourself over 3 A levels compared to 4 for most people.
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Re: A Levels grades - offers

Post by enema »

Thanks all. As an update daughter has dropped one so is now doing 3. Have to say I am relieved. She got a dodgy test score and it was enough for the penny to drop. First year of A Levels so nothing to declare thankfully.
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Re: A Levels grades - offers

Post by Daogroupie »

This was the right decision.

Dd1 was doing 4 and enjoying them all but dropped 1 just before the UCAS form was due in. She carried on going to the classes but was glad not to have that extra pressure. DG
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