BRGS Ofsted :(

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BRGS Ofsted :(

Post by OverEagerDad »

Been planning for Saturday for years, then five days before this hits!! ... ion/ofsted" onclick=";return false;

Genuinely been hit for six by this.

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Re: BRGS Ofsted :(

Post by scary mum »

It makes difficult reading but I guess at least it means the SLT will be forced to focus their attention on things other than the academics.
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Re: BRGS Ofsted :(

Post by Bunnyjo »

It does make for difficult reading and I would be hard pressed to consider sending my child there if there was a suitable non-grammar option available.

Some leaders, including members of the governing body, are not fully aware of the statutory guidance relating to the safeguarding of pupils. Some leaders’ safeguarding training is not up to date. Added to this, leaders’ records to check that staff are suitable to work at the school were incomplete and had to be resolved during the inspection.

Reading between the lines, it looks like there were significant problems with the Single Central Record which is scrutinised right at the beginning of the inspection. The only outcome would have been inadequate at this point, but the report does go on to detail further failings which are concerning.

News reports I have read allude to the current HT being on long-term sick and the report makes it clear that leadership and governance has been poor. If I was looking for positives I would suggest with time, and a shake-up of the leadership and governing body, there could be huge improvements made before your child potentially starts in September.
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