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11+ Consultant/Moving Advice

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2023 10:06 am
by twoshoes
Hi All. Thanks so much for all of the information that you share here. It has been a great starting point for us!

We have an older girl and younger boy. We are in Bromley. If our daughter does not get a place at any grammar school, the comprehensive schools she would get into from where we live would not be suitable for her (Bishop Justus and Ravensbourne) - it would not be the case for our son who would definitely get Ravenswood.

We know that we will need to move to enable both our children access to a good comprehensive as a back up but it is slightly muddied by the boy/girl problem. Plus, also some schools like Chis & Sid have a sibling priority - test dependent of course! We are very happy in our current home and do not need to move for space. Whilst morally I do not agree with the system, we are also weighing up the cost of private education vs. buying a house in a 'better' area.

Does anyone know if an 11+ consultant exists or could support us in all of the above? I think we are at the stage where working with someone externally who has a real understanding of both the Bexley/Kent dynamics and distances could help with our decision making.

Thanks in advance (I will also post in Kent board).