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John Hampden or RGS

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2023 8:26 pm
by hasmum
Hope everyone is well
Im still undecided on which school to go for.
Just 2 days left to submit the CAF .
My elder so went to JHGS and loved it, but younger one wants to go RGS as his friends are going there. My husband also wants RGS as its walking distance from our home.

Went to see the school last week, is a good school but quite traditional look. They don’t play football . Facilities were ok.
Jhgs in my opinion has better facilities and play football.
I have heard at RGS there is more pressure where as JHGS bit more relaxed. My son is the youngest child and little spoilt hence lacks discipline in getting work done etc i always have to watch over him and remind him, hence worried RGS may not be suitable for him.
RGS is walking distance and would save time going to the other end of town. But i want to make the right choice for him where he’ll be happy too. Its a long 7 years.
Any thoughts on both schools? Anyone with boys at these schools currently any input would be appreciated. They are both very good schools, but my heart is swaying more for JHGS.

Re: John Hampden or RGS

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2023 10:36 pm
by Aethel
well, it’s your child going to the school, they are both very good schools….
If your DC has expressed a preference, your husband likes the RGS , AND he can get there quickly and independently, then I’d say RGS is the one he wants, let him have the choice.

If you make him go to the school you want AND if doesn’t work in any way, he may resent that you steered him to a further away school because you liked it better….

(My DD1 was allowed to pick her school as she passed both Slough and Bucks and instead of picking the 0.5mile away LGS she chose BGS which was further away down the train line…. but letting her choose meant she felt invested, threw herself into school life, and loved it from the word go. She’s still there and it has been a brilliant school that suits her well).

Re: John Hampden or RGS

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2023 11:11 pm
by ToadMum
The only thing I'm wondering about is whether your DS is aware that RGS doesn't play football and does / would this matter to him? Presumably, they just play rugby (?and hockey)?.

Re: John Hampden or RGS

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2023 5:31 am
by hasmum
Thanks for the replies
Yes he knows they don’t play football, for him its mainly the fact his friends are going there. They all live locally so have chosen this school. JHGS built a new technology block few years ago. They also offer good all round extra curricular activities. Both schools have a lot to offer.

Im just going through this dilemma due to fear of the unknown!
My elder son went to JHGS so know the school fairly well.
I have heard mixed reviews about RGS hence apprehensive.
I am praying i make the best decision for him.
Thanks again!