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St. Olave's Stage 2 - Post test feedback / feeling

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2023 11:00 am
by sorcerersapprentice
While one might need to take a 10 year old's view on any test with a pinch of salt, I'm curious as to what everyone heard from their child about Stage 2.

Mine was confident about the maths section and finished it ahead of time but was pressed for time in English (which I didn't expect!). He did manage to finish the English section.

One thing which might be useful for others in the future years - Need to write the English section using a pen (ours hasn't earned the right to do so in his school yet but thankfully, he doesn't have a problem using one!)

Re: St. Olave's Stage 2 - Post test feedback / feeling

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2023 12:27 pm
by scary mum
Please take care not to reveal any details about the test as there may be late takers.
From the forum rules/FAQs:
faq 17. Can I post information about 11+ test content (e.g. questions my child can recall, or which parts of the test my child thought were difficult), or request such information?

Remember that there may well be sessions for late sitters [and special arrangements for children moving into the area after all the scheduled sittings].
As a responsible forum we will not allow anything to be posted that might prejudice the integrity of the test.

No one should be revealing any aspect of test content unless a moderator has agreed.

Some of the largest education authorities tell us that the same test can be used in individual cases for at least 12 months, even though there may be no published dates for additional sittings.

It is impossible for moderators to know when it is safe to discuss test content for every single selective school in the country. We will make an exception if someone gives us reliable information that it is safe to do so.
Evidence that it is safe to post should be clear and beyond doubt (e.g. in writing from an authoritative source).

Copyright must be respected.