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New Bexley GL tests format

Eleven Plus (11+) in Bexley and Bromley

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New Bexley GL tests format

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In 2023, Bexley used GL for the first time for a long time. Does anyone know how it compares to the old CEM tests they did before? Did they separate the 4 topics into 2 papers like they do in the Kent GL test or did they mix them up and break each paper up into timed sections like they used to with CEM?

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Re: New Bexley GL tests format

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Hope someone can answer this.
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Re: New Bexley GL tests format

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I can’t answer this but as a parent of a child who sat different tests 8 years ago now I would say don’t get too worried about length, format etc, focus on the child listening to instructions. A trend now I’ve heard from friends who have DCs sitting tests is it seems to be even if it was x format last year it will change to try and prevent ‘teaching to the test’.
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Re: New Bexley GL tests format

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The topics are indeed spread over 2 papers, Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths, NVR. Each paper is divided into timed sections.

Where the 11+ differs with the Kent test is how they score the marks, many found it easier to score higher in Kent last year due to Bexley's emphasis placed on the English sections.
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