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Re: Slough Grammar Schools

Post by Aethel »

look at the 4 grammar school websites, they explain vlearly under “admissions” where there are location based places (Langley Grammar has P1 area, Hershel has a distanced based number of places, and a few at Upton Court).

Upton Court and Hershel have more score-based places, Nd St Bernards’ has Faith-based criteria.

Also look at the many past threads on the Berkshire section (look within the last 3 years so you’re not relying on old information. This new year’s admissoons criteria is what you need, it does change over time)
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Re: Slough Grammar Schools

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If your DC is currently in Yr4, also need to keep checking the schools' / LA's websites for information about any consultations re changes to the admissions criteria- if these are being undertaken, it will be for a six week period between October this year and January 2025. The admissions policy relevant to your intake will be published on the schools' websites at the end of February 2025.
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