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Barton Court - thoughts?

Eleven Plus (11+) in Kent

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Barton Court - thoughts?

Post by Lionzebra65 »

Hi all, wondering what is the general feeling about Barton Court these days as there haven't been many posts on them.

We are OCC and are a bit surprised that we have been offered a place. The school felt quite alright when we were there, though I am aware they are not as sought-after as Simon Langton and there had been news about them before that hadn't put them in a good light.

Keen to hear thoughts please, especially recent impressions of the school.
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Re: Barton Court - thoughts?

Post by PettswoodFiona »

It isn't a school I hear much about I am afraid but posting in the hope it bumps your query.

It is quite a small secondary school with less than 1,000 pupils all the way through. I did have a delve into the Compare School tool and it has an average Progress 8 score which some comprehensives would also have, also girls do a fair bit better than boys at the school and may explain why the number of girls is a fair bit lower as they are choosing other schools??? Whilst the GCSE results aren't bad the A level results at C+ are at the Kent average and not typical grammar school and unusually for a Grammar school they also do technical qualifications at 16-18 (124 students sat A levels and 50 sat technical qualifications, some of those could have sat a combination of both of course) this could be a good thing, but suspect there are other good schools nearby that the brighter students leave for. I see the pupils do 11 GCSEs which is quite high if for all. My daughter did 10 GCSEs, only those doing multiple languages and extra maths tended to do 11.

Hope you get some more information especially on the non-data driven side as I know that is more important to work out a best fit.
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Re: Barton Court - thoughts?

Post by Justaparent123 »

I would like to know more about Barton Court too, so hopefully, you will get more replies.
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