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1. Local Authority area in which the appeal took place:AVDC

• 2. What you were appealing against?

• c. both non-qualification and oversubscription

• 3. Name of school you were appealing for: Aylesbury High

• 4. Was this a school where the governors are the admission authority?
Academy - Bucks ed acted as admission authority
• 5. Approx. date of appeal hearing: June 5th

• 6. How many days in advance of the hearing, including weekends, did you receive the case papers? 12 days

• 7. Where was the appeal held? Local hotel
(e.g. council offices)

• 8a. Did your individual hearing start more or less on time? Yes

• 8b. If not, how late was it in starting? Maybe

• 9. Do you know what sort of independent appeal panel you had? Not sure

• 10. Who was on the panel?
(if you were told, e.g. a retired teacher, a businessman, and school governor - no names, please.)
A local business woman and governor of different school
A local business man
An retired primary headteacher

• 11. Was there a group hearing? Yes
(This is where stage 1 - the LA or school case - is presented to all the parents as a group)

• 12. Did the appeal follow the recommended order of business? Yes
• a. the case for the admission authority;
• b. questioning by the appellants and panel
• c. the case for the appellants;
• d. questioning by the admission authority and panel;
• e. summing up by the admission authority; and
• f. summing up by the appellants.

• 13a. Had your case already been considered by a Review Panel? Yes
(sometimes applies to non-qualification)

• 13b. If so, were you told that, because your case had already been reviewed, the only issue for the appeal panel was whether the review had been conducted properly? Yes

• 14. What questions were you asked about your case?

Didn’t want us to read what we had written before. But happily let us read our speech.
We asked Aa rep if all cases who had moved schools had been questioned as our Dd’s case had. He said he didn’t know but he had not seen a case where a school move had been raised.

One panel member asked the aa rep if they would agree that the academic record on the SRP headteacher summary sheet looked as high as it could be as it seemed to be. He said yes he agreed and that that had clearly been provided by law by our dds previous school.

The same panel member said he thought the srp evidence took no account of 3 pieces of evidence. Did the aa rep agree? The A’s rep said “I suppose I do yes”

Clerk then asked us and aa rep to leave the room to give legal advice on line of questioning.

Aa rep said to us ‘I wonder what she doesn’t like that I said. I know the legal framework as well as she.’

Acad evidence presented - asked to confirm when moved schools.
Given the comprehensive evidence why did she not get over the qualifying mark? They said ‘Presumably you expected your daughter to fly through it?’ We answered no we are not that arrogant but on balance we expected her to pass comfortably based on feedback from both schools.

How did Our dd say it went?
How does she approach homework? Perfectionist and slow or quick with careless errors?
Was she Prepared for what the test might be like?
Was she Tutored? “No right of wrong answer”. We said yes - was it by us or paid for? We said paid for given disrupted yr 5.
Was she aware of what the test meant?

Did our dad visit her current allocated school ?what did she think?
Are you in catchment for that school.

Please tell us why the prejudice to Your did would outweigh the prejudice to the girls at the school. We were then challenged that some of our reasons were “preference” not prejudice.
- does she any career plans? We said no, only 11!
- Can she cope with 2 languages? We said we thought so.

How did she feel about the previous school move?

• 15. What were the panel like? Professional, polite, warm
(e.g. Were they friendly? polite? considerate?)

• 16. As far as you know, was the representative of the admission authority left alone with the panel at any point in time? (It's acceptable for the representative to be waiting outside the room, but he/she must not be already in the room with the panel when you arrive, or remain in the room with the panel when you leave.) no

• 17. Were you asked at the end of the hearing whether you had had sufficient time to state your case (or words to that effect)? Yes

• 18. Did you feel rushed? No

• 19. How long did the hearing last? About 1 hr
(excluding the group hearing, if there was one)

• 20. Were you told you could telephone for the decision? No
(most authorities do not allow this, although some do)

• 21. If you have the result, was your appeal successful? Yes!

• 22. How long did you have to wait for the decision, including weekends? 5 weeks

• 23. Success rates for appeals for this school (if applicable, and if known):
• a. on this occasion - don’t know. There were 40 appeals

• b. Based on info presented by aa in their case, previous years 0 the previous 2 yrs. 4 in the yr before that.

• 24. Any other comments:
It felt a fair and reasonable process. We came out thinking we had probably won the FCO argument, had a 50/50 chance on qualification but were unlikely to persuade them on prejudice. But we felt we had said everything we could and been totally honest.

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