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Lessons in the Post provides a work programme for any child between 7 and 11 by post. The initial assessment will ensure that your child starts a programme at exactly the right level for their abilities. You can start these programmes at any time, but obviously, the sooner you start, the sooner your child will begin to benefit. We usually find that improvement is noticed within weeks of starting. With this comes increased self esteem and confidence, which fuels more progress.

Competition for places at grammar schools and independent schools is intense, and children need to be thoroughly prepared over a long period. The Lessons in the Post 11 Plus Programme starts a year before the 11 Plus or Independent School entrance exams, as appropriate. This allows time for the child to complete the course without too much pressure. There is a 4 week Revision Course at the end. Most parents prefer to start preparing their children even earlier, by doing the Lessons in the Post 11 Plus Foundation Course, and this begins 4 months before the 11 Plus Programme. This ensures all the foundations are in place before starting the final year 11 Plus Programme.

Verbal Reasoning -Anagram Techniques


Verbal Reasoning – Anagram Exercise with Answers


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