11+ Essentials 3D Non Verbal Reasoning Book 1

FIRST PAST THE POST® the radical new series for 11 + exam preparation created by acknowledged experts Eleven Plus Exams and published by The University of Buckingham Press.

This book provides suitable preparation for the University of Durham CEM 11 plus test. Three dimensional non-verbal reasoning is a recent introduction to 11+ examinations and common entrance exams testing. It has become particularly prevalent in multi-discipline exam papers, making this another valuable addition to the ElevenPlusExams 11+ Essentials series. This book covers the most commonly occurring question styles found in 11+ testing: 3D Views; 3D Composite Shapes; 3D Cube Nets; 3D Plan Views. The question styles are presented in a series of individual tests and mixed papers to be done under timed conditions. They are suitable for independent schools and new 11+ exam styles. Upon completing each exercise, the parent is able to log on to the ElevenPlusExams Peer-Compare® system and compare their child’s performance relative to a cohort of other children who have completed the same exercises. Extensively road-tested by ElevenPlusExams, these tests are best used as real exam practice to benchmark your child s performance. They are perfect for both classroom and home use.

  • Peer-compare on-line access code enclosed
  • Answers included
  • Enter your test results on-line with the 11+ Peer-Compare system
  • Also suitable for some independent school exams
  • Classroom tested

The Eleven Plus Exams’ FIRST PAST THE POST® series has been created by a team of experienced tutors and authors from leading British universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

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