11+ Essentials Cloze Test Book 1 - CEM

FIRST PAST THE POST® the radical new series for 11 + exam preparation created by acknowledged experts Eleven Plus Exams and published by The University of Buckingham Press.

This book provides suitable preparation for the University of Durham CEM 11 plus test. Increasingly relevant and sought after for the new exam styles, Cloze tests are passages where some words are wholly or partially removed. The candidate is asked to complete the passage so that it makes sense and is grammatically correct. Short comprehensions and graded exercises help strengthen vocabulary and improve understanding of the meaning of words in context.

This book contains tests suitable for the preparation of the Cloze questions relevant to the new styles of 11 plus exams, and includes predominantly short and medium length objective passages as found in the actual exams themselves. This book contains a variety of Cloze Tests questions covering all the most commonly found types, and is ideal preparation for the new, CEM style exams. Therefore, these tests are best used as real exam practice to benchmark your child’s performance in readiness for the actual exams while also using the on-line service for identifying areas for improvement and, crucially, gauging relative peer performance.

Knowing how your child performs in a timed paper relative to his or her peers is crucial to get a realistic assessment of your child’s prospects. This is the reason why ElevenPlusExams have developed the 11+ Peer CompareTM system. This book comes with a unique access code enabling you to obtain a relative strength and weakness report for you child by inputting your child’s first attempt scores. This will enable you identify and target weak areas. The 11+ Peer Compare Service will be available from mid-August 2013.

Cloze tests are now increasingly common in 11 plus exams

  • Peer-compare on-line access code enclosed
  • Answers included
  • Enter your test results on-line with the 11+ Peer-Compare system
  • Suitable also for independent schools testing
  • Classroom tested

The Eleven Plus Exams’ FIRST PAST THE POST® series has been created by a team of experienced tutors and authors from leading British universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

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