11+ Essentials Short Numerical Reasoning Book 1

FIRST PAST THE POST® the radical new series for 11 + exam preparation created by acknowledged experts Eleven Plus Exams and published by The University of Buckingham Press.

This book provides suitable preparation for the University of Durham CEM 11 plus test. This series of tests is representative of the short numerical reasoning section of contemporary multi-discipline 11 plus exams, which typically have two papers such as those set by CEM (Durham university). One paper usually contains short, quick-fire questions more akin to traditional maths, and the other has a section of longer, worded numerical reasoning problems. This Short Numerical Reasoning Book 1 addresses the former. The suggested time for each paper is based on conventional classroom testing sessions.

Students requiring publications that address the longer, multi-part worded numerical reasoning questions will benefit from the 11+ Essentials Numerical Reasoning Book 1 and Book 2. These books are representative of the numerical reasoning section of contemporary multi-discipline 11 plus exams that typically cover several subjects such as verbal and non-verbal reasoning, comprehensions and numerical reasoning. All 11+ Essentials are suitable practice for independent schools and new-style 11 plus exams. Extensively road-tested by ElevenPlusExams, these tests are best used as real exam practice to benchmark your child’s performance. The online service helps identify areas for improvement and, crucially, gauge peer comparison anonymously. They are perfect for use both in the classroom and at home.

Knowing how your child performs in a timed paper relative to his or her peers is crucial to get a realistic assessment of your child’s prospects. This is the reason why ElevenPlusExams have developed the 11+ Peer CompareTM system. This book comes with a unique access code enabling you to obtain a relative strength and weakness report for you child by inputting your child’s first attempt scores. This will enable you identify and target weak areas.

  • Contains 10 short tests
  • Ideal preparation for the new style exams in 11 plus
  • Peer-compare on-line access code enclosed
  • Fully explained answers
  • Enter your test results on-line with the 11+ Peer-Compare system
  • Suitable also for independent schools testing
  • Classroom tested

The Eleven Plus Exams’ FIRST PAST THE POST® series has been created by a team of experienced tutors and authors from leading British universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

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