11+ Peer Compare™ Online

First Past the Post Series by Eleven Plus Exams

Released July 2012 New Online Peer Compare Service

A free online service to accompanying the FIRST PAST THE POST® series of 11 plus practice papers published by the University of Buckingham Press, 11+ Peer Compare™. The innovative and unique system enables you to compare your child’s performance in each test paper against peers. A further report that highlights strengths and weaknesses by question type is available when your child has completed all papers in the pack. The system works by tracking scores being uploaded after the practice tests are completed.

The service also includes free downloads and bespoke recommendations for further practice.

A bonus feature is a vocabulary list of words generated from questions that the student gets incorrect in verbal reasoning and English. The vocabulary definitions are provided by Oxford University Press under licence granted to Eleven Plus Exams.

Each FIRST PAST THE POST® pack contains a unique serial number which provides free access to the system.

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