First Past the Post English Multiple Choice Pack 1

Released July 2012 First Past the Post® English Multiple Choice Pack 1

FIRST PAST THE POST® the radical new series for 11 + exam preparation created by acknowledged experts Eleven Plus Exams and published by The University of Buckingham Press.

Knowing how your child performs in a timed paper relative to his or her peers is crucial to get a realistic assessment of your child’s prospects. This is the reason why ElevenPlusEams have developed the 11+ Peer CompareTM system. These papers come with a unique access code enabling you to obtain a relative strength and weakness report for you child by inputting your child’s first attempt scores. This will enable you identify and target weak areas.

Available in all four subjects: Verbal Reasoning, Non verbal Reasoning, Maths and English.

• Authentic 4 Multiple Choice Practice Papers in each pack

• Individual access code for personal online peer comparison

• Complete interactive evaluation to enhance individual skills

• Fully explained answers and parental guidance on further study

• Enter your test results on-line with the 11 + Peer-Compare system

• Suitable also for independent schools testing

The Eleven Plus Exams’ FIRST PAST THE POST® series has been created by a team of experienced tutors and authors from leading British universities including Oxford and Cambridge

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