CGP The 11+ Verbal Reasoning Test Papers: Standard

The 11+ Verbal Reasoning (VR) Practice Test Papers: Standard Answers

Inside this pack, you’ll find four realistic Verbal Reasoning practice tests and a detailed answer book — it’s ideal preparation for the 11+ and other selective entrance exams.

Every answer is fully explained, making it easy to understand the reasoning behind each question and learn from any mistakes. There are also useful notes for parents on how to help children do as well as possible in the test.

This is the ‘Standard Answers’ version of these tests, where children write their answers directly onto the test papers.

Key Features

  • Suitable for 11+ preparation
  • Age range 10 and upward
  • Four STANDARD Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers
  • Suitable for Grammar and Year 7 entry Independent School Preparation
  • Full explanations with the answers
  • 60 Pages
  • £9.95
  • ISBN 978 1 84762 822 0

Aimed at:

  • Schools
  • Tutors
  • Parents
  • Children attempting the 11 plus exams in Verbal Reasoning


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