CGP The 11+ Verbal Reasoning Study Book and Parents' Guide

The 11+ Verbal Reasoning Study Book and Parents’ Guide

This book takes the mystery and stress out of the 11+ Verbal Reasoning (VR) test (and other selective entrance exams) for children aged 10-11. It’s presented in full colour throughout, with a spacious layout and easy-to-read explanations of everything they need to know — plus plenty of useful resources for parents.

For each topic, there are step-by-step methods for answering questions quickly and accurately, plus regular round-up questions (with answers) to check progress. A pull-out Benchmark Test is also included to help identify the level that children are working at.

The content is split into six sections, starting with the basics of the topic including what is the 11+ –

About the 11 Plus

  • What’s in the 11+
  • What’s in the 11+ Verbal Reasoning Test
  • How to prepare for the 11+

Section One – The Alphabet

  • Alphabet Positions
  • Identifying a Letter from a Clue
  • Alphabetical Order

Section Two – Making Words

  • Missing Letters
  • Remove a Letter
  • Add a Letter
  • Hidden Word
  • Find the Three-Letter Word
  • Compound Words
  • Complete a Word Pair
  • Anagram with a Clue
  • Word Ladders

Section Three – Word Meanings

  • Closest Meaning
  • Opposite Meaning
  • Related Words
  • Odd One Out
  • Word Connections
  • Reorder Words to Make a Sentence

Section Four – Maths and Sequences

  • Complete the Sum
  • Letter Sequences
  • Number Sequences
  • Related Numbers
  • Letter-Coded Sums

Section Five – Logic and Coding

  • Letter Connections
  • Letter-Word Codes
  • Number-Word Codes
  • Explore the Facts
  • Solve the Riddle
  • Word Grids

Key Features

  • Stress Free Verbal Reasoning Guide for Parent
  • A pull out Benchmark Test
  • Examples, Answers and Explanations for each type of question
  • Suitable for Grammar and Year 7 entry Independent School Preparation
  • 108 Pages
  • £9.95
  • ISBN 978 1 84762 817 6

Aimed at:

  • Schools
  • Tutors
  • Parents
  • Children taking the 11 plus exam in Verbal reasoning

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CGP 11+ Verbal Reasoning Study Book and Parents' Guide

CGP 11+ Verbal Reasoning Study Book and Parents’ Guide

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