Lucky Gecko - 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Preparation Series

About Lucky Gecko

Lucky Gecko, established in 2005, is a small, friendly tuition company based in Buckinghamshire. They have spent many years developing materials to help their students and now are using all that experience to create a range of workbooks.

Their publications are child friendly, helpful and carefully structured and designed for home study.

They have produced a series of complimentary books aimed at forming a comprehensive verbal reasoning course covering 21 styles of questions most commonly found in Grammar and Independent School Entrance Exams.

Recent Lucy Gecko Publications

Recent publications include:

Subject Published Lucky Gecko 11 Plus Publication Title
Verbal January 2010 Lucky Gecko 11+ Verbal Reasoning Preparation Questions Book One
Verbal January 2010 Lucky Gecko 11+ Verbal Reasoning Revision Questions Book Two


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