Lucky Gecko 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Revision Questions Book Two

About Lucky Gecko

Lucky Gecko, established in 2005, is a small, friendly tuition company based in Buckinghamshire, England. They have spent many years developing materials to help their students and now are using all that experience to create a range of workbooks.

The publications are child friendly, helpful and carefully structured and designed for home study.

About Lucky Gecko 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Revision Questions – Book Two

This is the second in the series of complimentary books produced by Lucky Gecko aimed at forming a comprehensive Verbal Reasoning course. It covers all 21 Verbal Reasoning styles of questions commonly found in Grammar School and Independent School Entrance exams.

Containing over 250 questions it is designed to provide timed practice in the question styles commonly found in the actual 11 plus verbal reasoning exams. The book provides indicative “time targets” to help them develop an appropriate speed for the actual exams. Each page includes a ‘Rate This Type’ star, which they can colour red, orange or green once they have finished the set of questions. This is designed to help the student or parent easily identify areas of strength and weakness, so that further revision can be as focussed as possible.

This publication compliments the foundation laid in Book One in the same series.

Key Features -

  • No. of Types of Questions: 21 Styles
  • No. of Questions: 252
  • Twelve questions of each style
  • Format: Multiple Choice
  • aimed at parents of children aged 10 – 11 years and tutors preparing for the 11plus
  • builds children’s confidence and core skills
  • Publication: June 2010
  • Price £9.99 (ISBN 978 19059 12237)


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