The Official Parent's Guide to 11 Plus

GL Assessment was originally founded by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

GL Assessment is a division of the Granada Learning Group.

GL Assessment develops and publishes the actual 11+ test papers that 95% of 11+ candidates will sit. GL Assessment is the official 11+ supplier to numerous local authorities and schools.

GL Assessment are adding to their “Official 11+ Series” in May 2011 “The Official Guide 11+ -Essential Information, Advice and Strategies for Success”.

Key features -

  • aimed at parents of children aged 9 – 11 years and tutors preparing for the 11plus
  • assumes no prior knowledge of the 11 plus system
  • provides detailed information and practical advice about the 11+ process
  • advice on supporting your child during the 11plus
  • advice on 11plus appeals process
  • publication: May 2011
  • proposed price £9.99 (ISBN 978 07087 20561)

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Official Parent’s Guide to 11 Plus

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