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New primary school data for England has been published by the government

by BBC, December 13, 2018

They are based on the performance of pupils in each school in their end-of-primary national curriculum tests, known as Sats.

Three UK teachers shortlisted for million dollar ‘world’s best teacher’ prize

by Independent, December 13, 2018

Three UK teachers have been shortlisted for the “world’s best teacher” award, in which the winner will take home $1m (£800,000).

Nearly third of phonics 'failures' go on to reading success

by TES, December 13, 2018

Almost a third of children who failed the phonics check at age 5 or 6 – and failed the resit a year later – still went on to reach the expected standard in reading by the end of primary, new statistics show.

Primary school league table 2018: Search and compare the best primary schools in your area

by Telegraph, December 13, 2018

Thousands of primary schools across the country have their results figures published by the Department for Education on an annual basis.

University acceptance rates for students with lower grades on the rise

by Guardian, December 13, 2018

University acceptance rates among students who achieve C and D grades at A-level are on the increase, according to the latest official statistics, revealing that record proportions of English and Scottish 18-year-olds were accepted into university this year.

Female scholars are marginalised on Wikipedia because it's written by men

by Guardian, December 12, 2018

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia edited collectively by a global community, arguably determines the narrative about who has power and influence in our world. It is the largest global source of information and the fifth most visited website in the world; the English-language Wikipedia had more than 7.7bn page views in October.

'Ofsted must remember that primaries and secondaries operate very differently'

by TES, December 12, 2018

Yesterday saw the release of the latest phase of curriculum research by Ofsted. It’s fair to say that primary schools don’t fare too well in the inspectorate's analysis. In fact, according to Ofsted, only eight of the 33 primary schools visited scored highly for their curriculum, compared with 16 out of 29 secondary schools.

Ofqual finds evidence of grade inflation in applied generals

by TES, December 12, 2018

There is “sound evidence of unwarranted grade inflation” with the older-style level 3 BTEC qualifications, according to research by Ofqual.

Strengthening vocational and technical qualifications

by GOV.UK, December 12, 2018

Ofqual is today (Wednesday 12 December) publishing research that identifies evidence of grade inflation associated with internal assessment in some ‘older style’ Applied General qualifications.

Stefania Giannini: 'Strong universities lessen social tensions'

by Guardian, December 12, 2018

Universities are being pulled in different directions according to Stefania Giannini, the UN’s top education official. They need to become more global to reflect the international mobility of graduate employees, at the same time as the concept of globalisation is stoking social tensions in many countries. And they’re expected to collaborate, just as competition for students and research funding is at its fiercest.

Three ways to engage parents in pupil wellbeing

by TES, December 11, 2018

Barriers between teachers and parents should be torn down – schools need all the allies they can get, says Natasha Devon

Ofsted research finds schools in poorest areas have best curriculum

by Schools Week, December 11, 2018

Ofsted has found schools in the most deprived communities outscored their more affluent counterparts in its new study on the quality of curriculum – suggesting the watchdog’s new focus could turn the tables on inspections unfairly grading schools in poor areas.

Commentary on curriculum research - phase 3

by GOV.UK, December 11, 2018

In January, I will consult on our new education inspection framework (EIF). As I have already announced, the heart of our proposals will be to refocus inspections on the quality of education, including curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Chief inspector says new inspection regime could be fairer to schools in deprived areas

by TES, December 11, 2018

Ofsted has published new research today exploring how it will assess the curriculum in its new inspection regime.

Young highly sceptical of social mobility

by BBC News, December 11, 2018

Young people are highly sceptical about advancement being a reality, according to a survey from the relaunched Social Mobility Commission.

Oxbridge is not the gold standard for graduate talent and ability – employers need to start looking elsewhere

by Independent, December 9, 2018

Oxbridge seems to recruit extraordinarily heavily from a small group of southern private schools (presumed to include Eton and Westminster) according to a new analysis by the estimable Sutton Trust.

Education Secretary vows to boost vulnerable children's outcomes

by GOV.UK, December 9, 2018

Teachers and social workers will get advice to improve vulnerable children’s wellbeing, behaviour and school attendance, as the Education Secretary vows to tackle their significantly worse educational outcomes.

‘Every child should be taught joined-up writing’

by TES, December 9, 2018

Cursive, or "joined-up", handwriting seems to have taken a real hit in recent years. With the increased use of ICT in schools and more focus on content than on the intricacies of the English language, I am seeing this notionally "old-fashioned" way of writing less and less in classrooms.

Oxbridge needs to guarantee places for the best state school pupils

by Guardian, December 9, 2018

Oxbridge does not represent Britain’s best or the brightest: let’s just get that out of the way. Many of the country’s most intelligent, thoughtful and perceptive people do not attend either Oxford or Cambridge. Both institutions are instead, disproportionately, attended by the best performing slice of the most economically privileged teenagers in the country.

Weekly texts and 7 other ways for schools to engage parents

by TES, December 7, 2018

New guidance and ideas for schools to get parents involved in children’s learning has been published by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) today.

The report draws on a recent EEF review of evidence and provides an overview of the research – with the caveat that the evidence in this area is less rigorous than in some other aspects of education.


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