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11Plus Critical Dates for 2012: All Regions

In February 2012 a new School Admissions Code is expected to be ratified by Parliament and become law.

The new Code specifies that Admission Authorities (schools and Local Authorities) must ensure that parents receive results of state school entrance tests before the deadline for submitting their Common Application Form (CAF). As the national deadline for the CAF is 31st October 2012 (although some areas may specify slightly earlier dates) the whole process must now be shoe-horned into September and October. Some areas may even opt to test in the summer term.

The effect of this is that, in many areas, the 11plus test dates will be brought forward by several months. Correspondingly, the entire application process will start much earlier than in previous years. Also, there are likely to be clashes of test dates with so many schools having to complete the testing process at the same time.

We hope that a new section of the Forum will provide an “at a glance reference point” that will ensure that parents are not caught out by the changes to the timeline. We will of course be updating this the main Schools section of the website as well, but the Forum thread will remain on the forum throughout 2012 as well.

If you are aware of dates that have already been announced, please contact us or respond directly on the forum with the information and this will be added to the 11 plus calendar for the benefit of all parents.

Please include any or all of the following information:

  1. Name of school, Local Authority or consortium.
  2. Deadline for applying for 11+ testing.
  3. Deadline for any supplementary school application forms.
  4. Date(s) of 11+ tests, including any reserve or supplementary dates.
  5. Any deadline for submission of paper versions of the Common Application Form
  6. The deadline for submission of the CAF online.
  7. Whether these arrangements appear to be final, or if they are still subject to a consultation period.
  8. Please also include a link to where you found the information.

This information will also be included in the 11 Plus Regions forum section .

Thank you.

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