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Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials for Redbridge

Although the CEM 11 Plus does not consist of all the question types that appear in these materials we recommend a variety of practice as there is no guarantee as to which types of questions will come up in the actual test; certain types of questions have appeared frequently in the past however, this is no guide to what will appear in future. Unlike GL Assesment papers, the CEM 11 Plus has no exhaustive syllabus. Remember also that each region or school will have a different CEM 11 plus format depending on their specified requirements. A well rounded preparation developing key skills will help your child to think independently and apply their learned skills to any type of question that arises. However, it is always a lot easier for children if they have familiarity with the differing presentation and formats of questions on various topics so that they are not surprised on the day of the exam.

The test itself consists of some multiple choice and some standard questions, therefore we recommend using standard papers where available.

The software contains multiple choice questions; but provides valuable practice in the techniques.

Use 3 steps – 1. Teach 2. Practise 3. Test

To Teach

To Practise

To Test

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