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Venue: Eleven Plus Exams, Congress House, Lyon Road, Harrow, HA1 2EN.

Enrolment for Courses 2017-2018

To register your interest, please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page to register your interest and we will contact you. Admission to our courses is subject to the student passing an assessment test.

ElevenPlusExams Tuition

ElevenPlusExams Tuition centre is based in Harrow, North-West London and services the tuition needs of grammar and independent school parents in the area by proving a professional and personal service to ensure a stress free passage through the 11plus.

ElevenPlusExams Tuition provides 11 plus tuition for year 5 and year 4 children in all subjects and caters for the main examining boards and regions including GL/NFER, Moray House, CEM, CSSE and ISEB.

All our classes are held at our centre at Congress House where our classes are equipped with state of the art technology. Utilising our own in-house developed software, we make learning fun, easy and classes highly interactive, leaving no child behind.

The technology helps us to easily monitor all students’ progress in work done during class sessions as well as in their homework where we are able to monitor progress alongside speed and accuracy. This enables us to more easily identify and target weaknesses early in the process, making preparation for the exam far more efficient and thereby less stressful for both child and parent.

ElevenPlusExams Tuition Approach

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Our courses have three stage structure pioneer by us: a Foundation, a Common Core and Specialisation

The Foundation stage confirms every child has the basic building blocks to succeed at 11plus and includes rapid mental arithmetic, mental agility and a robust vocabulary.

The Common Core stage confirms that all the requirements common to the exam boards in the area are addressed first. This makes the child more versatile and preparation more agile should the exam board change with minimal notice.

The final Specialisation stage ensures that all the known nuances of the specific exam board for the target school are methodically addressed through practice and exam preparation.

Our approach to the exams is to implant the exam board specific necessary methods and techniques prevalent in each 11 plus subject (numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, Mathematics, English and non-verbal reasoning) and then provide a thorough bank of proprietary questions (online and paper based) unique to our Centre to enhance speed and accuracy.

All students will receive the same lessons during the first two terms. In the final term the timetable will change and children will be placed in their chosen school/exam board groups to receive specialist training. This may mean a change to your child’s usual time slot. Parents will be asked to confirm their chosen school/exam board by March 2018 of the year 5 course as this is when the admission policies of schools are determined.

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Throughout the process we constantly monitor the child’s progress and look to address any weaknesses early in the process.

To seal the process, the course also covers exam techniques suitable for different types of exam boards in the area.

Central to the whole 11plus process is the foundation of a strong vocabulary base and excellent mental arithmetic skills. We therefore monitor both from the outset.

In a typical class we will cover several methods and techniques across the subjects with in-house technology and worksheets used to ensure that the children have grasped the content of the lesson. Spot tests take place regularly.

Homework will then be set, which will be both paper based and online. For the latter parents need to ensure that that their child will have internet access.

Practice papers are introduced in the final stages of the course as exam preparation.

The mock exams, separate from in-class practice papers (under timed conditions), are open to external candidates. They form an integral part of the actual preparation and all students are required to sit these; it also provides a useful form of benchmarking your child’s relative progress and performance against a wider cohort of external students.

Our courses are all inclusive and comprehensive so parents can be assured that there will be no extra charges and that their child will receive support to address weak areas as and when required.

In common with many 11 plus centres, we would advocate that the optimal preparation begins in Year 4 and intensifies in Year 5. Most of the actual grammar exams are sat in the first term of Year 6 and independent schools in the second term, usually January.

Our preparation continues right up to the actual exam date with a final series of mock exams building up your child’s confidence and reducing exam day anxieties.

Our charges include all materials, mocks and access to the online question bank platform and an online vocabulary game. Value for money is given by ensuring that the majority of lesson time is spent teaching and that children do not do undertake tests or worksheets in the classroom that they could easily do at home. We never waste valuable classroom time and allow children to mark their own tests.

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ElevenPlusExams Tuition Toolkit

We aim to make the 11 plus courses as stimulating as possible and achieve this through a broad set of tools which include –

  • Classroom teaching using latest smart boards and interactive software
  • PowerPoint presentations and other software using colour and animation to engage the student
  • Utilising innovative ideas for classroom plenaries
  • Use of our online products and other class activities
  • Motivating and goal setting via a reward system
  • Variety of in-house materials, worksheets, practice papers and books
  • Intensive holiday courses
  • In-house exam board specific mock exams

2018-2019 11plus Course Start Dates

Year 4: November 2018-July 2019
Year 5: October 2018-August 2019

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Registering your interest in our Courses

Register here for your interest in our 11 Plus Courses starting October 2018 for Year 5 and November 2018 for Year 4:


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