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1. These terms and conditions will form a contract between You and Us only when We have made an offer of a place and Your acceptance of the offer is made upon payment of the Reservation Fee. The Reservation Fee is £250 and is required to reserve a Pupils place on either the Year 4 or Year 5 Course.

2. We will make an offer to you by email after the following:

a) The Pupil has completed our Admission Test and has been assessed by us as suitable for the course. This test is to assess the Pupils suitability for our Courses. A charge of £25 is made for your child to sit the Admission Test.
b) We have received the completed Registration Form.
c) We have requested and received payment of £250 Reservation Fee.

3. After we have made the offer you will usually be given 5 days to accept the offer by making payment. We will not normally hold a place beyond 5 days after making an offer.

4. The Admission Test comprises an academic test, a reading test and may involve an interview. The purpose of the Admission Test is to assess the suitability of a Pupil for our style of structured, intensive group courses. It is not a general assessment to determine whether a Pupil has the potential to obtain a selective school place. For this reason, we do not provide any feedback or results of the test to parents and will only confirm whether we can offer a place to your child.

5. The Reservation Fee is paid to reserve your child’s place on the course and therefore is non-refundable should you decide to cancel your child’s place before the commencement of the course or indeed during the course.

6. On completion of the Year 4 course, if your child is offered a place to continue into Year 5, then the Reservation Fee will be held for Year 5 Course. If your child is not offered a place in Year 5, then the Reservation Fee will be refunded to You.

7. On completion of the Year 5 course, the Reservation Fee will be refunded to You provided that:-
a. You have paid the full amount of course fees, and any administration charges due for late payment.
b. Your child has completed our course.
c. You have provided us with copy emails/letters of your child’s 11 plus results in October 2018 (year 5 only)
d. You have provided us with copies of school offer letters/emails received on National Allocation Day in March following the exams.
8. Course Fees must be paid in term instalments:
a. Three term instalments are payable as below:
Year 4 – 1st October, 1st December and 1st March
Year 5 – 1st September, 1st December and 1st March
b. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque, or credit card (Card payments will incur a 4% fee).

9. To maintain our success records, all parents are required by these terms to supply written confirmation of their child’s 11 plus exam scores, as well as a copy of the school offer letters received in March following completion of the course.

10. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Pupil’s access to our tuition services with immediate effect, should any payments remain outstanding for more than 7 days.

11. The course fees includes books, practice papers, assessments, internal mock exams and external mock exams, as well as access to our exclusive online platform and software. Teaching staff will also provide extra help, called ‘top-ups’, to individual Pupils when they have identified a need and where a Pupil has attended a lesson and has failed to understand a topic.

12. Where a Pupil needs extra help outside the lesson due to being late to lessons, missing lessons, or failing to consolidate learning by completing homework, then top-ups will be charged at £30 per hour.

13. If your child misses a lesson, for whatever reason, your child must attend a one-to-one session as a replacement. There will be a charge of £50 made for the replacement session.

14. Our mock exam practice papers and term assessments sat in class are not publicly available and are used for internal purposes only. These in-house materials are tailored and specially created for use on our courses and due to copyright reasons they are not released to Parents.

15. Either You or We may terminate the tuition at the end of a term, provided one calendar month’s notice is given. By enrolling your child on the course, you are making a commitment for the term; therefore you may only terminate at the end of a term. This means that if your child discontinues lessons mid-term you will not receive any refund, and this applies whether the tuition is terminated by Us or You.

16. Our courses require a serious commitment on behalf of the Pupil and Parents. To ensure that each Pupil is given the best possible prospects of success in their 11 plus exams, we expect Pupils to have a positive attitude to learning throughout the course. We reserve the right to cancel tuition at any time with or without notice, if in our opinion:
a. the Pupil’s behaviour in class is distractive to the learning of others;
b. the Pupil’s behaviour has a negative influence on other Pupils;
c. the Pupil’s behaviour is disruptive to the teacher’s delivery of the lesson;
d. the Pupil is disrespectful to staff or other Pupils;
e. the Pupil lacks motivation to learn and does not participate in lessons;
f. the Pupil fails to complete homework or does not make genuine attempts to complete homework due to rushing or guessing multiple choice tests;
g. the Pupil does not communicate with teaching staff, making it difficult for staff to carry out their tuition duties. Learning is a two way process and students have to be able to communicate what elements they do not understand in order to receive help.
h. the Pupil does not appear to be benefitting from our group lessons;
i. the teachers are of the opinion that the Pupil needs a one-to-one tutor in order to successfully prepare for the entrance exams.
j. the Pupil is felt to be suffering from stress, or struggling to cope with the demands of the course either due to stress or too many extra-curricular activities that are interfering with their homework.
k. the Pupil has been missing lessons for reasons other than illness which has shown to be detrimental to his/her learning.

17. All homework is compulsory and it is the Parent’s duty to ensure that the Pupil completes the homework each week. We are not under any obligation to inform You if your child has not completed homework, however, we may from time to time notify You where this occurs as non-completion of homework and will usually lead to a warning.

18. If there is a genuine reason for non-completion of homework the Pupil will only be excused if You have taken the trouble to notify us before the due date. Where a Pupil is not excused, this will result in a reminder or warning. Pupils who receive more than 2 warnings in one term are likely to be recommended for discontinuance of the course.

19. Our tuition services cannot guarantee that the Pupil will pass the relevant exams or achieve entrance to the relevant target schools. However, we believe that students on our courses will have the best possible prospects of success provided they are fully committed to the course and the homework set.

20. The lesson schedule for the academic year is provisional and is subject to change at any time. The lesson times offered to your child may not be fixed throughout the course and may have to change. In the final term of Year 5 course, the timetable changes as Pupils are placed in a group relevant to their target exam board or school. ‘Top-up’ sessions may sometimes take place on weekday evenings, therefore flexibility will be required.

21. We will make every effort to deliver the course according to the timetable given, however, We accept no liability for failing to deliver the services should there be any event or business circumstances beyond our control that prevent us from delivering a lesson or completing the course. We will give You notice as soon as reasonably practicable in the event of this occurring and will refund any advance fees paid.
Please contact us on 020 8204 5060 if you have any queries regarding the above provisions.


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