11 Plus Intensive Courses in Harrow

A good proportion of the children every year are home tutored either by choice or due financial constraints, or as a consequence of being unable to find a suitable tutor in their area. Home preparation can be equally good however, some topics or subjects surface where external tuition may be beneficial in some of the more complex topics in maths as well as in English. Since many tutors run full year courses and take on their students in September many parents find they cannot find suitable tuition for the short term.

Our short intensive courses or workshops usually take place during school holidays at Easter and Summer or half-term and are usually a week long for each subject. Our classes make the fullest use of state of the art technology. They are taught in small engaging groups, and are designed to support and refine your child’s existing 11 plus preparation whether at home or with a tutor. They are not a complete courses and are suitable for children who have already started 11 plus preparation and are familiar with some of the basic topics.

For the child preparing at home this presents an opportunity to be taught material, they may have previously found difficult, from experienced tutors; furthermore they can consolidate and revise the syllabus. It also presents an opportunity for those children who may be isolated in their 11 plus journey to meet with peers, make friends and appreciate they are not alone. It also enables children to become aware of the level of competition amongst their peers.



Venue: Eleven Plus Exams Centre, Congress House, Lyon Road, Harrow, HA1 2EN

Date of Course Time Subject Fees
30 Jul- 2 Aug
4 days
Maths Revision Course
Includes online homework and videos includes online homework
30 Jul- 2 Aug
4 days
Creative Writing Course
Includes timed essay and homework
31 Jul- 1 Aug
2 days
Comprehension and English Skills Workshop 1
Includes timed exercise and homework
6 Aug to 9 Aug
4 days
GL Verbal Reasoning Course
Includes online homework and videos
7 Aug & 8 Aug
2 days
Comprehension and English Skills Workshop 2
Includes timed exercise and homework
14 Aug & 15 Aug
2 days
Comprehension and English Skills Workshop 1
Includes timed exercise and homework

Payment of fees is by bank transfer. If you wish to book this course, please email us at 11plus@elevenplusexams.co.uk and we will send you payment instructions.


This course is suitable for all exam boards and covers the following topics:-

  • Decimals, Fractions, Factors & Multiples, Percentages, Ratios and Proportions, Averages(Mean, Median, Mode & Range), Probability, Algebra, Coordinates, Transformations, Symmetry, 2D Shapes, 3D Shapes, Perimeter and Area, Volume, Lines Angles and Bearings

Important: Please be aware that the prerequisite before entry on to this revision course is fundamental knowledge of:

  • Number & Place Values
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
  • Special Numbers (such as Odd, Even, Prime, Square, Cube, Triangular)
  • Number Machines

Children will have access to our online platform where they will receive homework. Access to the system will continue after the course has finished to allow children to complete all tests that have been set for homework.

Creating Writing Course

Important: Please be aware that children enrolling on this workshop should understand how to do the following:

Use grammar effectively – this includes understanding subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, sentence construction and word classes.
Punctuate sentences – how to use commas, full stops, capital letters and semi-colons.

This mini-course/workshop aims to provide children with all of the skills they will need to create an imaginative and impressive composition. Our classes are held in small groups with both independent tasks and exciting group activities to ensure that all children remain focused.

The course is aimed at those sitting independent school examinations in Autumn 2019 and January 2020.

Children will receive homework and handouts.

The course will include:

Story Planning – how to develop ideas, characters and settings.
Literary Techniques – how to introduce descriptive devices and figurative language into stories.
Identifying different question styles including non-fiction such as diary entries, letter writing, articles etc, and how to respond to different styles of question.
Dialogue – how to introduce and punctuate dialogue effectively.
Vocabulary – the importance of powerful verbs and adjectives in any sentence
Children will be taught:

Elements of good essay writing:
characters, characterisation, dialogue, mood and atmosphere, voice and cohesion, writing to persuade and argue,formal and informal writing, continuing an extract, using stimulus (e.g. pictures,

Children will receive homework and handouts and there will be a timed essay included.


This workshop is suitable for all 11 plus English comprehension exams and will focus on comprehension practice and techniques. There will be a timed exercise covering different genres, including a review by the tutor. Also, included in the workshop will be some technical English (punctuation and grammar) on the second day.
There are two workshops, and children may attend both workshops to be exposed to a wider range of genres.


This course is a revision of all questions styles in the GL Syllabus for verbal reasoning. The course will include online homework, as well as a mock paper, time permitting.

Our course will be led by our in-house tutors and authors of our verbal reasoning books and mock exam papers.

This course is suitable for Henrietta Barnett school, SW Herts Consortium schools, Latymer school, Bucks grammars, Mill Hill County High, Kent and Newsteadwood school.


Venue: Westminster University (Harrow Campus) Sunday 7th July

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Eleven Plus Exams offer a unique session, of 3 hours to 3.5 hours, providing children sitting the 11 plus exams, with motivation and direction to help them in their journey towards their final exams. A rarely available session, normally only reserved for students on our Year 5 programme, the session was introduced to members of the public in 2015, and has proved to be very popular.

Most children sitting for the 11 plus will undergo one or two years of tuition and practice, whether at home or with a tutor. However, unlike older students at school or university, they rarely receive training on exam skills, revision planning, stress and motivation. Mock exams are an ideal way to help your child get accustomed to exam conditions, however, many children still lack exam techniques and ‘know how’ to apply them to successfully tackle time pressured exams. This session fills the gap between tuition and mock exams practice.

The session will be interactive and presented by our experienced in-house teachers who engage with the students to deliver a fun, inspiring and motivational presentation. An ideal way to encourage your child to remain motivated and help to boost performance and build confidence in the lead up to the summer mocks and the real exams.

The following topics will be addressed:

· Question Styles – What are the different question styles and strategies for answering each style?

· Exam Tips – How to avoid silly errors and tackle questions under time pressure.

· Motivation and Confidence Building – How to remain motivated up until the exam.

· Preparation – What topics should children focus in the lead up to the exams?

· Effective Learning – What are the most effective methods for revision?

· Q & A – A unique opportunity for your child to quiz the experts.


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