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Established in 2004, Eleven Plus Exams was the first company to create a dedicated website for the 11 plus exams. It is now the largest 11 plus site in the UK attracting millions of parents annually.
Being a brand that is recognised as a trusted and authoritative source of information, we have been quoted in numerous national newspapers, including The Telegraph, The Observer, the Daily Mail and The Sunday Telegraph, as well as BBC Radio and national television (BBC1 ITV News and Channel 4).
Our areas of business focus exclusively on the selective school entrance exams:
Specialist Publishing – we are specialist publisher of 11 plus practice material. Nearly 50 titles to date created by our subject specialist authors from leading universities.
Online Platform – we have also developed an in-house online platform which is currently limited to the preparatory schools market and is available to our students.
Mock Exams – we are renowned for our mock exams and pioneered exam board specific mocks to provide realistic exam practice. Annually, thousands of children sit our mocks from all over the UK.
Online Forum – we host the UK’s largest online 11 plus forum which is moderated by experts who give impartial advice. The forum is used by thousands of parents.
11 Plus Tuition – we provide unique courses that fully manage student’s progress.

Our Tuition

Our courses are designed for those parents that wish to give their child the best possible chance of success and are fully committed to pursuing a grammar or independent school place.
Our Year 4 course covers English, maths and verbal reasoning and is a foundation for Year 5 to help build core skills in numeracy and literacy so that students absorb the topics thoroughly and overcome any weak areas, thereby reducing stress at the beginning of Year 5.

Our Year 5 course also includes non-verbal and has a three stage structure, pioneered by us:
The Foundation stage confirms every child has the basic building blocks to succeed at 11plus and includes rapid mental arithmetic, mental agility and a robust vocabulary.
The Common Core stage confirms that all the requirements common to the exam boards in the area are addressed first. This makes the child more versatile and preparation more agile should the exam board change with minimal notice.
The Specialisation stage in the final term is tailored to the exam board for the target school where all known nuances of the specific exam board are practised through exam preparation and mock exam practice.

All students will receive the same lessons during the first two terms. In the final term the timetable will be personalised and children will be placed in their chosen school or exam board groups to receive specialist training. This may mean a change to your child’s usual time slot.

Key Features

Small Groups – Our classes have 16 pupils, with 1 or 2 teachers and at least 2 teaching assistants.
All Subjects – Year 4 courses include English, maths and verbal reasoning. Year 5 includes all subjects.
All Exam Boards – We cater for the main examining boards and regions including GL/NFER, CEM (Durham University), CSSE and ISEB. Separate lessons will be available for creative writing.
Fully Comprehensive – Both Year 4 and Year 5 courses provide everything needed to ensure successful preparation for the 11 plus exam. All books, practice papers and stationary are included as well as online services and in Year 5 we also include ample mock exams.
State of the Art Technology – Lessons are interactive and fun and utilise smart boards and voting pad technology providing an engaging environment for learning. They are designed to build confidence and motivation so as to reduce overall stress. We also encourage healthy competition and provide a reward system to encourage children constantly improve.
Monitoring Progress – Students are monitored on a weekly basis throughout the course and assessed at the end of each term, as well as by weekly mock tests by the final term of Year 5.
Online Platform – Students are supported in their learning by our online platform, which has over 60,000 practice questions. The system provides our students with the most valuable learning material with topic based tests of varying difficulty levels to help improve the efficiency of learning. We do not use generic test papers available on the market, as some tutors do, as a basis for learning because it is unstructured, inefficient and not exam board specific.
Identifying Weaknesses in Speed and Accuracy – Since speed is crucial for the 11 plus exam, the ability to time children is a significant benefit. The online system and voting pad technology, enables us to collate extensive data on timing and accuracy. This data enables us to compare each student against the cohort and to identify on a topic by topic basis, weaknesses in techniques and speed that would not be possible with a purely paper based course.
Vocabulary Tools – Success of most school entrance exams, require a strong foundation in vocabulary. To help boost vocabulary we have created an online ‘hangman’ style vocabulary game developed with Oxford University which forms part of compulsory homework on the course.
Tailored Tuition – Unlike most other courses, the final term of our Year 5 course is tailored so that final training and exam techniques focus on the exam board for the target school. Mock exams will continue through to August when our students sit with external students. This enables peer-comparison and bench marking of our students against with a wider cohort of external students.
Individual Help – Although these are group courses, we also provide individual help to students to address weak areas that teachers may have identified in homework or in class.
Course Fees
Initial Deposit (Reservation Fee) – £250.00
Year 4 Foundation Course (Nov 2018 to Jul 2019) – £2,150 (3 term payments: £717; £717 and £716)
2hr lessons each week with average of 2-4 hours of online homework plus reading and vocabulary.
Year 5 Course (Oct 2018 to Aug 2019) – £3,850 (3 term payments: £1284; £1283 and £1283)
3hr lessons each week with an average of 3-5 hours of online homework plus reading and vocabulary.
All lessons are held on weekends throughout the year including school half-term holidays, except for Christmas and Easter breaks.


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