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11+ Essentials - English Mini Comprehensions: Fact-Finding Book 2

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Publisher: ElevenPlusExams.co.uk
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ISBN-13: 9781912364121
Published: 16 April 2018
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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 88
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11+ Essentials - English Mini Comprehensions: Fact-Finding Book 2

Comprehension skills are at the heart of 11 plus and Common Entrance exams, such as those set by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), compiled by Durham University, and Granada Learning (GL), and the Independent School Exam Board (ISEB).
Irrespective of the exam board or style of text, all comprehensions exams will to test children’s abilities to extract facts  from a passage under time pressure. These  questions typically comprise 80% of comprehension questions and test the reader’s ability to read with accuracy, identify information in the text and extract relevant parts. 
The questions in this book are all based on fact-finding, with 50 extracts and 300 questions per book, this series will test and develop your child’s accuracy in reading and fact-finding abilities. 
Extensively road-tested by Eleven Plus Exams, all 11+ Essentials tests are perfect for use in the classroom and at home. 

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