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Junior English Guide (Haydn Richards)

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Publisher: Ginn & Company
ISBN-10: 0602205565
ISBN-13: 9780602205560
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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 176
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Junior English Guide (Haydn Richards)
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This book is intended for use in the top form of a Junior School and the lower forms of Secondary Schools.

The entire book is devoted to English and contains no General Knowledge, Geography, History, Mathematical Tables, etc.

The numerous topics are arranged alphabetically, so that although there is a comprehensive list of Contents at the beginning, the pupil who is disinclined to use it can readily find any desired topic from its position in the book. Abbreviations at the beginning, Opposites about the middle, Verbs near the end, and so on. In addition each page bears in bold type the title of the topicit deals with, so reference is further facilitated merely by flicking over the pages.

Besides of being of inestimable value in the working of formal English exercises, the Guide will prove extremely useful in creative writing. The sections on Word Formations, Antonyms, Synonyms, Using the Right Verb, etc all help to provide a wider choice of words.

Every Proverb and Idiom in the very extensive lists is explained in simple language, thus giving the pupil a very thorough understanding of them.

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