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Schofield & Sims English Skills Book 4 Answers

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Publisher: Schofield & Sims
ISBN-10: 0721711847
ISBN-13: 9780721711843
Published: 18 Feb 2011
Our code: SKU739
Format: Paperback
Schofield & Sims English Skills Book 4 Answers

Answer Book to English Skills  Book 4 


English Skills 4 (ISBN 9780721711782) is for pupils who can write compound and some complex sentences using conjunctions, phrases, adverbials and varied sentence starters. Able to spell correctly most medium-frequency words, they can identify root words to help them spell and understand unfamiliar words. Designed for Year 5, this book may also be used with older or younger pupils.

English Skills 4 Answers summarises for teachers and other helpers the key Focus of each set of questions and gives answers to facilitate marking. Because some questions have more than one correct answer, those provided are labelled 'definitive' or 'sample'. This gives you the freedom to mark as correct any answers that are different but equally valid.

Writing task assessment sheets and Completed proofreading tasks are also provided.

English Skills 4 Answers provides:

  • Teacher’s notes that introduce the series

  • Focus panels summarising the key Focus of each set of questions

  • correct answers (or sample answers where appropriate) to facilitate marking

  • photocopiable Writing task assessment sheets

  • photocopiable Completed proofreading tasks.

Key Stage 2 level for ages 7 to 11

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