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11 plus Verbal Reasoning Technique And Practice 4 by Susan Daughtrey

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Publisher: Susan Daughtrey
ISBN-10: 1898696780
ISBN-13: 9781898696780
Published: 1 Nov 1994
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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 40
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11 plus Verbal Reasoning Technique And Practice 4 by Susan Daughtrey
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This series of VERBAL REASONING books prepares children for the 11 plus and 12 plus secondary school selection tests. These books are based on a successful teaching formula developed by the Author, a professional educationalist, and rigorously tested in the classroom with outstanding success.
This series of seven books has three objectives:

*To familiarise parent and child with the 35 TYPES of question likely to occur in such tests
*To teach the TECHNIQUE necessary to answer these questions Type by Type
*To maximise the child's test SPEED and marks by way of TIMED PRACTICE EXERCISES and GRADED TEST PAPERS

A PERSONAL RECORD TABLE in each book enables the parent to record and monitor the child's progress.
Books 1, 2, 3 and 4 cover the TECHNIQUE and PRACTICE of each of the 35 Types of question. Book 1 covers the first 13 Types, book 2 covers 10 Types and the remaining Types are dealt with in books 3 and 4 deals specifically with maths and code questions.

The 5th book, FURTHER PRACTICE EXERCISES, contains 35 ten-minute PRACTICE EXERCISES to test the child's use of TECHNIQUE and improve SPEED in each TYPE covered in the first four books.

The other two books are ten 50-minute GRADED TEST PAPERS (with Answers) contain a mixture of the different TYPES of question typically found on a VERBAL REASONING examination paper. The TEST PAPERS increase in difficulty and develop confidence in the child to perform and succeed at the required standard in the selection test.

Parents can help their child succeed by guiding the child through the TECHNIQUE, marking the PRACTICE EXERCISES and completing the PERSONAL RECORD TABLE. Any problems that need to be addressed can be easily recognised and referenced back to the TECHNIQUE. Success can be recognised with a PRIZE CERTIFICATE found at the end of each book.

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