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PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:06 pm 

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Which one should be the first choice?? It is a very difficult decision.

It seems that academically Wilson's is at the top at the moment followed by Sutton and then Wallington. Even for sports Wilson's seems to be ahead of both of them. But somehow my wife was not very impressed with the school.

At the Sutton Open Evening, I got the impression that Wilson's beat Sutton at everything. Sutton's playing fields are off site and the atmosphere puts you off a little. My DS did not really like it when he went for Sutton Mock Test.

I found Wallington boys to be very confident when I took my DS for the exam. We will visit the school next week.

Any feedback will be very helpful.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:49 pm 

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I have a son currently in year 9 at Wallington and he is thriving acedemically but what I also feel is important to say is that he is growing up to be a lovely happy confident "Young Man" :D He was the only boy from his Catholic primary school to go to Wallington so had to start from scratch at year 7 and make new friends, we live in SW London and his journey is only 4 stops on the Train to Hackbridge Station. He actually has a better journey than some boys who live geographically nearer but take the Bus :o He leaves the house at 7.25 every morning and is walking into school by 8am. My 10 year old has just been offered a Guaranteed place at Wallington being ranked 81st and with a score of 361 so for us no contest as he wants to be with his brother so we are going for this school only as no point in putting DS for Wilson's & Sutton tests as we know we have a guaranteed place. From personal experience I am extremely happy with what Wallington has done for my son and he has a fabulous set of friends and is also pretty good on the Rugby pitch - a sport that he absolutely loves (funny as he hated football at primary and I thought he would not be into rugby either). With regards to Wilson's I was also really impressed with that school, the facilities are second to none compared to Wallington - although Wallington is getting the new sports hall in April :D and the boys also seem polite, happy and very helpful. Yes the results are slightly better - but if you compare all 3 schools by subject the majority of boys get A*, A in a very high percentage with a few B's and very little C's and hardly a D or below to speak of - overall in GCSE & A Level results there is hardly nothing between any of them. I do think if you have Guaranteed at Wallington already but still like Wilson's - put Wilson's first and if you Fail Wilson's test you will still get offered your place at Wallington. Thankfully that decision has been taken out of my hands as my DS wants to follow his Big Brother so at least I can relax safe in the knowledge that I do not have that awful feeling waiting to see what school he get's into on 2nd March 2010 :) My young son however thinks getting the results early takes away the excitement and as he now knows he is going to Wallington but all his primary friends have yet to find out their fate on this admissions process. I have told him that when he is older he will appreciate more why his Mum and Dad are totally relived this process is now over for us.

Good luck to everyone it is a really big decision but sometimes it can be taken out of our hands, if your son just passes 1 test you will be greatful with whatever Grammar school this is...

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