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ElevenPlusExams.co.uk was founded in August 2004 out of the frustration of a single parent trying to assist his son in navigating the maze of the 11 plus exams. Living in an area that did not have any grammar schools, and had only one independent school of repute, his son was required to master four different exam formats and subjects for the four adjacent LEA’s and independent schools, with almost overlapping exam dates.

The normally prolific internet surprisingly proved to be a weak source of information and guidance, and in fact the best source proved to be a network of experienced mothers and a select band of over-subscribed tutors whose identities seemed more closely guarded than those of the SAS or MI5!

This site was created to help all the other parents facing the same predicament.

As if life is not already stressful enough, the 11 plus exam is very unforgiving. Quite unlike GCSE, A-Levels and even degrees, where re-sits are permitted, you only get one attempt at securing entry into your choice of grammar school secondary education for your child. Often several years of preparation boil down to how your child does in a 50 minute exam. In a first past the post exam such as this, a single percentage point can make the difference between cheers and tears.

This puts enormous pressure on parents to source appropriate tutoring services or when home tutoring to source appropriate and adequate practice material. The objective of this website was to create a focal point for parents and to create a level playing field for all our children.

The aim of this website, ElevenPlusExams, is to provide all the information and support to guide your child confidentally to success in the Eleven Plus Exams. We were the first such website and our reputation has grown such that we are now recommended by most professionals and experts in the 11 plus field. The expertise and knowledge that we have built up has made us the single most trusted one-stop portal for A to Z on 11 plus.

Thank you for visiting ElevenPlusExams.co.uk and good luck!


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