The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS) is a consortium comprised of thirteen schools. All schools administer the Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test. Buckinghamshire (Bucks) is one of the last remaining Counties where education is fully selective. There are 13 grammar schools and 21 upper schools in the County. Admission into Year 7 at all schools is managed centrally by Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC).
Approximately 30% of children qualify for a grammar school place each year, and around a further 5% are deemed qualified after a successful Review or Appeal against non-qualification. School places are allocated by distance from school gates with defined catchment areas that receive priority.

All the Buckinghamshire grammar schools are academies and therefore their own admissions authorities, but following their academy conversion, the thirteen schools were very keen to continue their long tradition of working together. They wanted to maintain a coordinated selection system using a common secondary transfer test to select pupils for entry into all Buckinghamshire grammar schools at 11+ each year, to avoid an admissions and testing ‘free for all’ which would be to the detriment of children and families.

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