Seven partially selective schools in South-west Hertfordshire administer their 11+ tests as a consortium, sometimes referred to as the South-West Herts Consortium of Schools.
A percentage of places in each school are available in merit order by reference to academic ability. All applicants must take a mathematics and verbal reasoning test. No minimum score is required to gain admission.

A percentage of places are offered in all the Consortium schools except Bushey Meads on the basis of proven aptitude in Music. All applicants under this criteria have to take a written music test administered by the SW Herts Consortium. The test does not require any previous knowledge of music or music theory.
Applicants who achieve the qualifying score are invited back for a 2nd stage practical musical assessment. Places are offered on the basis of scored achieved in the 2nd stage.

Bushey Meads offer an additional test which is called the Technological Aptitude Test, based on non-verbal reasoning consisting of two multiple choice papers. 17 places are offered in descending order of scores. This is an additional test and is entirely optional. However, all applicants have to sit the Consortium Test.

Queens offer a few places with those with exceptional sporting ability and live within the catchment area. Applicants have to take the PE Aptitude Test which cover the core movement skills. The tests have been selected by the Council of European Physical Fitness.


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