Medway has six grammar schools, and one bilateral school (The Howard School).

Admissions criteria for the various schools differ, with some using distance from the school as a primary criterion, while others use the score achieved in the 11+ tests as the over-subscription criterion. It is therefore essential that parents check the admissions policies for each school extremely carefully before deciding on the rank order of schools for the Common Application Form.

The Appeals process in Medway is both complex and controversial.

Children will take the test at their own primary school in Medway. Children from outside the area and those attending Medway primary schools that opted not to run the test, will take the 11+ at an independent centre. See below for more details.

The Medway test is to be used for Medway Grammar Schools only and the Kent test is to be used only for Kent Grammar Schools. The results will not be transferable as in previous years.

The Chatham Grammar Schools are an exception and will continue to accept children who pass either the Medway or Kent tests.


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