The Birmingham Grammar School Consortium includes eight schools. Pupils wishing to apply for places at any of The Grammar Schools in Birmingham and Walsall are required to sit the entrance test. Places at the schools are offered in accordance with each school’s admission policy, with reference to the score obtained in the entrance test. The test is provided by GL Assessment.

All costs associated with the entrance test, including the test itself, are paid for by the grammar schools - the test is not to be used as a practice or ‘mock test’ by candidates with no intention of applying for a place at any of The Grammar Schools in Birmingham.

Should you decide to register for the optional entrance test and it is deemed that your home address is not within a reasonable commutable distance to The Grammar Schools in Birmingham, you will be contacted by the Admissions Office to provide further information to support your application to sit the test – this will include a request for evidence of your intention to relocate, such as a recent offer of employment in the area. 

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