Lincolnshire retains selective education in parts of the county with comprehensive education in other parts, including the city of Lincoln. There are 14 Grammar Schools and one Bi-Lateral School King Edward’s VI Humanities College in Spilsby. There are also 42 Comprehensive, Secondary Modern and non-selective Academy Schools.

The 11+ testing in Lincolnshire is co-ordinated by the Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools. Currently, 12 out of the 14 grammar schools together with King Edward’s VI Humanities College belong to the Consortium and follow the same testing arrangements. Caistor Grammar School administers its own tests. The Boston Grammar Schools Federation uses the same tests as the Consortium but has adopted a modified set of selection critieria.

Approximately 25% of children in Lincolnshire qualify for a grammar school through the 11+.

Parents need to register their child to take the tests. Packs containing information about the registration process, 11 Plus tests and 11+ testing registration forms are circulated to parents of children in Year 5 in April/May through the primary schools in the selective areas. We have been informed by some of the schools that the registration forms for those who live in the area must be returned as early as May, however this varies depending on which grammar school you are applying to. We recommend contacting the grammar school directly for clarification on this.

Parents whose children attend primary schools that are ‘out of county’ or in non-selective areas of Lincolnshire need to apply directly to a Grammar School.

Completed registration forms should be returned through primary schools or by post direct to the appropriate grammar school. There is an opportunity to indicate on the form if there are any special educational needs or disability or any language difficulties that might impact on testing.

Children at primary schools in some of the selective areas may take the tests in their own school. In other areas and for all children at primary schools in other counties or in the non-selective areas of Lincolnshire the tests are taken on two consecutive Saturdays in September at any of the Grammar Schools.

Caistor Grammar School tests are also held on two consecutive Saturdays in September in the school. One of the dates may clash with the Consortium tests but it is possible to request a change of date for the Consortium test.

Results are posted out before secondary school application forms have to be submitted to the Local Authority.


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