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The Schools Admissions Code, that came into effect in 2012, stated that by law, schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for the Common Application form (CAF) on October 31st .

There are two selective grammar schools in Wiltshire, Bishop Wordsworth’s for boys, and South Wilts for girls. Each school administers the 11 plus test. In order to sit the 11 plus test at either of these schools there is a two stage procedure. You must submit the Common Application Form to the Wiltshire County Council and a Supplementary Form (available from the school) to the school directly.
Candidates from outside Wiltshire should submit the Common Application Form through their own local county who will then inform Wiltshire County Council.

South Wiltshire Grammar School (Girls) Admissions Information for September 2017 entry

Closing dates 31st October 2016 the Common Application Form
South Wiltshire Grammar School – Friday 2 September 2016
Places 150
Open Day TBC
11+ test dates South Wiltshire Grammar School – Saturday 24 September 2016
Test Types Maths , English and Verbal Reasoning,all multiple choice
Examiner GL Assessment (NFER)
Test Results Monday 10 October 2016
Allocations 1st March 2017
Admissions Information South Wiltshire Grammar School
Recommended Practice Materials Verbal Reasoning

Test Types

  • Mathematics (50 minutes, GL Assessment)
  • English (45 minutes, GL Assessment)
  • Verbal Reasoning (50 minutes, GL Assessment)

The Maths test reflects all areas of Key Stage 2 Maths and covers areas of Number, Algebra, Measures, Shapes and Space and Handling Data.

The English Test contains aspects of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2: Reading, Comprehension, Spelling , Punctuation and Grammar.

The scores for the Maths, English and Verbal reasoning tests are standardised and combined and then used to determine admission. The three tests are of equal weighting.

Bishop Wordsworth’s School (Boys) Admissions Information for September 2017 entry

Closing dates 31st October 2016 the Common Application Form
Monday 5 September 2016 by 9am for test application
Open Day Tuesday 28th June to Monday 4th July 2016 from 2pm to 3.30pm each day
11+ test date Saturday 17 September 2016
Test Types Two papers, 50 minutes each assessing Verbal reasoning, numerical and non-verbal ability. Multiple choice
Each paper comprises several timed sections.
Examiner CEM (Durham University)
Test Results Posted two weeks before the end of October 2016
Allocations 1st March 2017
Admissions Information Bishop Wordsworth’s School
Recommended Practice Materials CEM

Although not all CEM tests are the same, there are some similarities. Please see other areas already administering the CEM test for examples of the style of the test: Birmingham and Warwickshire

See our information page on CEM

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