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For Entry in 2021

The Schools Admissions Code, that came into effect in 2012, stated that by law, schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for the Common Application form (CAF) on October 31st.

Effective from 2013 onwards, the London Borough of Bexley made important changes to the borough’s selection tests for its four grammar schools. Parents now have to inform the school or Local Authority of their wish for their child to sit the exam (this process includes an online registration).

All children must be registered on line for the test regardless of where they live. This includes all children attending primary schools in Bexley as they are no longer automatically sit the test.
Children who attend Bexley primary schools normally sit the test at their own school. There are a few exceptions (e.g. Catholic primary schools )where children are invited to a test centre, i.e. one of the four grammar schools.

For more information on the changes please refer to this helpful information sheet from London Borough of Bexley here

All parents who register their child for the test will be sent a link to practice questions.

The Bexley tests since 2014 has been CEM 11 Plus format, as written by CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) of Durham University.

The tests will include Verbal Ability (verbal reasoning,vocabulary, comprehension) Non-verbal reasoning, English comprehension and Numerical reasoning (Mathematical problem solving). (Previously the test was GL Assessment, Maths and Verbal Reasoning multiple choice.)

There will be two 45 minute tests; the papers will be divided into smaller individually timed sections. Each paper will consist of a mixture of questions from the four subjects. The questions will be multiple choice.

Children will take both tests on the same morning/afternoon with a break of 30 minutes in between. Each test lasts one hour, including examples and then 45 minutes to answer the questions.

Familiarisation materials will be sent to all applicants.

Please see other areas already administering the CEM 11 Plus test for examples of the test: Birmingham and Warwickshire. Please note that the CEM 11 plus exam is written specific to each school or region, therefore not all CEM 11 plus exams will be the same, but there will be similarities.

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General Admissions Information for Entry in September 2021

Closing date for applications 7th July 2020 – for online test registration
Open events 13th September – 30th October 2020. Please see individual schools’ information below
11+ test dates Tuesday 15th or Wednesday 16th September 2020
All children who attend a primary school in Bexley will sit the test on the morning of 11th September, either in their own school or in a test centre. All other children will be invited to a morning or afternoon session on either 10th or 11th September at a secondary school in Bexley.
Test Types All four subjects are tested: "There will be two test papers containing a mixture of questions on verbal reasoning and comprehension, non-verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.
Examiner CEM Cambridge University (formerly Durham University)
Results October 2020
Pass Mark 214 was the selective score in 2016 (216 in 2016). There are 800 places available in all four schools. The top 180 children with highest scores are guaranteed a place at their preferred school. The highest possible score is 280, the lowest is 140. The rest of the places will be allocated according to the over-subscription criteria; the deciding factor in most cases will be proximity. If any places are left then a place will be offered to those who score 1 mark below the qualifying score, then 2 marks below etc.
Children will be given a separate age standardised score for each subject and one total age standardised score. The score weighting is 50% for verbal ability, 25% for numerical ability 25% for non-verbal ability.
In 2016, 5685 children sat the test and 1753 deemed selective. The top 180 scorers achieved 247 or more.
In 2015, 5499 children sat the test and 1678 achieved the selective standard.
In 2013, 5000 children sat the test, 1475 achieved the score.
In 2012, 4900 children sat the test, 1411 achieved the qualifying score.
Allocations 1st March 2021
Admissions London Borough of Bexley
Tel: 020 8303 7777
Email: schooladmissions@bexley.gov.uk
Recommended Practice Materials CEM 11+ practice materials
Maths Practice Materials
English Pactice Materials
Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials
Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials

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School Information

School Admissions Gender Places Open Events
Bexley Grammar School
Danson Lane,
DA16 2BL
0208 304 8538
Admissions Policy 2020 Mixed 192 Tues 8th October 2019 8.45am-10.45am
Thurs 17th October 2019 8.45am-10.45am
Thurs 17th October 2019 5pm-7.45pm
Beths Grammar School
Hartford Road
01322 556538
Admissions Policy 2020 Boys 192 Wed 9th October 2019 time tbc
Tues 12th October 2019 9.30am-12.30pm
Tues 15th October 2019 time tbc
Tues 29th October 2019 time tbc
Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School
Hurst Road
DA15 9AG
020 8302 6511
Admissions Policy 2020 Mixed 192 Fri 11th & Mon 14th October 2019 9am-11am
Wed 16th October 2019 5.30pm-8pm
Townley Grammar School
Townley Road,
Kent DA6 7AB
020 8304 8311
Admissions Policy 2020 Girls 224 Wed 9th October 2019 9.30-11.30am & Fri 18th October 2019 9.30-11.30am & 5pm-8.30pm

Allocations (Distance)

SL = Straight line
WR = Walking route
RR = Road route
ALL= All selective applicants offered places

School 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Beths Grammar 6.9 miles SL 6.5 miles SL 5.7 miles SL 8 miles SL 6.9 miles SL
Bexley Grammar 2.2 miles SL 2.3 miles SL 2.2 miles SL 3.4 miles SL 3.9 miles SL
Chislehurst & Sidcup 4 miles SL 5.1 miles SL 4.4 miles SL 4.3 miles SL 5.99 miles SL
Townley Grammar 6 miles RR 9.7 miles RR ALL 8.1 miles WR ALL

Appeals Information

School 2019 2019 2018 2018 2017 2017 2016 2016 2015 2015
Heard Upheld Heard Upheld Heard Upheld Heard Upheld Heard Upheld
Beths Grammar 3 0 18 3 10 0 14 0 11 0
Bexley Grammar 12 0 32 1 26 0 33 0 13 0
Chislehurst & Sidcup 12 0 23 0 15 0 23 0 18 1
Townley Grammar 15 0 46 2 18 0 14 0 20 0

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Page updated on 16th March 2020