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For Entry in 2021

The Schools Admissions Code, that came into effect in 2012, stated that by law, schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for the Common Application form (CAF) on October 31st.

There are five grammar schools remaining in Warwickshire. There is also one “bilateral” school, Ashlawn School in Rugby, which allocates 12% of it’s admission number (256) based on academic ability.

Admissions are co-ordinated by Warwickshire County Council.

Warwickshire and Birmingham schools are collectively part of a consortium called “The Grammar Schools in Birmingham”. They will share the same test which will take place on the same date. Warwickshire Grammar Schools and Birmingham Grammar Schools will only administer the test for children registered with them. Children wishing to sit tests for both Warwickshire and Birmingham Grammar Schools should only register once and only sit the test in either Birmingham or Warwickshire. If it is discovered that a child has sat the test twice, only the first score will be considered. The application may even be considered to be fraudulent and withdrawn.
Parents registering for the Grammar Schools in Warwickshire will need to provide consent on the 11+ registration form for their child’s test results to be shared with the Birmingham Grammar Schools and University of Durham’s Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM). This should be done only if parents are considering applying for a place in Birmingham.

Priority Areas – East and South

There are two defined admission areas for grammar schools in the County – East and South.

East South
Ashlawn School Alcester Grammar School
Lawrence Sheriff School King Edward VI School
Rugby High School Stratford Upon Avon Grammar School

The Priority Area for the East grammar schools is split into two sections, Area 1 and 2. Grammar schools offer 50% of places from each area. Area 1 is a circle of 10 mile radius; the centre of this circle is the water tower just outside Rugby. Area 2 is a smaller area within this circle and covers the areas surrounding Rugby.

The Priority Area for the South grammar schools is a circle with a radius of approximately 17 miles. The centre is the clock tower in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Map of Warwickshire Grammar School Priority Areas

Admissions Information for September 2021 entry

The testing process in Warwickshire is shared with the selective test with The Grammar Schools in Birmingham foundation.

Registration Deadlines TBC
Registration opens TBC
31st October 2020 – CAF form
Test Dates TBC
Test Types Two 45 minute papers, both a mixture of multiple choice and standard format containing questions on Verbal Reasoning, Numeracy, Non-Verbal Reasoning.
The Verbal reasoning involves the solving of verbally presented problems. This also has an English component consisting of comprehension and a ‘cloze test’, which consists of several short passages of prose. The candidate selects the most appropriate word from a choice of three to fill in various missing gaps in the passage.
The Numeracy test will test ability in mental arithmetic and recognition of mathematical patterns. There are also problem solving questions.
See Warwickshire Test Paper Content
Familiarisation Booklet
Examiners CEM 11 Plus – University of Durham
Previous Year’s Pass Mark The qualifying score for each of the Warwickshire Grammar Schools changes each year. Scores are not determined until all candidates have taken the test and school preferences have been received (late January 2019) Qualifying scores for 2016 see below.
Most of the questions are worth 1 raw mark. The raw marks are totalled up for each section, then added to make a total raw score. The overall score for each component (VR, NM, NVR)is then standardised to take into account the child’s age. The standardised mark for each component is added to make a total standardised score. The difference in marks between a child born in September and a child born in August is on average between 4-7 standardised points.
Standardised Score Yes
Results TBC
Allocations Day 1st March 2021
Admissions Information Warwickshire County Council Admissions Information

Qualifying scores for entry 2016

Entry 2016 PAN Qualifying score Min score for waiting list
King Edward VI School 81 232 226
Stratford Girls Grammar 120 222 216
Alcester Grammar 150 217 212
Lawrence Sheriff Grammar 120 207 202
Rugby High School 120 205 200
Ashlawn School 36 203 198

Appropriate Practice Materials

Click here for CEM 11 Plus – past paper content for Warwickshire

CEM Practice Materials see here

School Information

School Admission Area Gender Admission Policy Places Open Evening
Alcester Grammar School South Mixed Admissions Policy 2021 150 places in Year 7 Thursday 2nd July 2020 5pm – 8:15pm
King Edward VI School South Boys Admissions Policy 2021 87 places in Year 7 Saturday 13th June 2020 9am – 12pm
Stratford Girls’ Grammar School South Girls Admissions Policy 2020 120 places in Year 7 TBC
Ashlawn School East Mixed Admissions Policy 2021 256 places in Year 7 – 12% selective. Applicants for selective places at Ashlawn School take the same test as applicants for grammar schools in Warwickshire. TBC
Lawrence Sheriff School East Boys Admissions Policy 2021 150 places in Year 7 TBC
Rugby High School East Girls Admissions Policy 2021 120 places in Year 7 Wednesday 17th June 2020 6pm – 8pm

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