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GCSE students in England to get Covid support

GCSE students in England will get formulae and equations in their maths and science exams under plans to limit the impact of Covid.

‘400 years’ to rebuild all schools with current funding

All schools should be rebuilt every 75 years, say school business professionals, but current investment would leave some waiting beyond the year 2500

Common transfer test: Thousands of children sit first paper

About 14,000 children have sat the first paper in the new transfer test in Northern Ireland on Saturday.

‘Most of our friends use AI in schoolwork’

Amid growing calls for schools to teach pupils about artificial intelligence (AI), BBC Young Reporters Theo and Ben have been looking at its risks and potential...

How UK Says Its New Investment in AI Will Help Teachers

Teachers and students can both benefit from a new investment announced Monday that will support efforts to test artificial intelligence (AI) classroom tools, according to United...

Anxiety, Depression, Less Sleep … and Poor Academic Performance?

A decade of smartphone dominance and negative NAEP trends

‘Too many missing out on school’ as absenteeism now three times higher than pre-pandemic levels

New Welsh Government data has revealed that absenteeism is increasing in Wales with the Education Minister saying "too many young people are missing out on school...

Parents slam ‘dire’ lack of schools as deadline looms for applications

Parents have slammed the “dire” lack of local secondary schools in Burnham as the deadline to apply approaches.

Your Neighborhood School Is a National Security Risk

Student achievement and merit are losing prospects in the era of “everybody wins”

Kent Test results day 2023: Higher percentage of pupils pass exam compared to 2022

The percentage of children who passed the Kent Test rose this year compared to 2022.

Pens away, laptops open – pupils told to type, not write, GCSE exam answers

Examining board AQA says parts of Italian and Polish courses will be assessed digitally in 2026

Rishi Sunak scraps A-levels and T-levels as he combines them into a new international baccalaureate-style ‘Advanced British Standard’ with pupils to study at least five subjects including some form of maths and English to age 18

Rishi Sunak today announced plans to scrap A-levels and T-levels by combining them into a new single qualification known as the 'Advanced British Standard'.