At Eleven Plus Exams we offer both in-person and online mock exams for GL, CEM and ISEB exam boards, with accurate difficulty levels, timings and feedback reports, to help guide your child on where to improve before their actual exam date. 

Our 2024 in-person mock exams are now available to book. Our online mocks can be booked and sat at any time. For this year, external students are able to sit virtually all of the mocks that are made available to enrolled students, with exams every week starting 25th May.

A mock exam is a timed paper in formal exam conditions that replicates the experience of the 11 plus before the actual exam date. Mock exams can be beneficial to students for a number of reasons:

1) Mock exams can help reduce a student’s exam anxiety
Children aged 10-11 generally have very little experience in formal exam conditions. This can lead to nervousness on the actual exam day, as children may worry about what to expect or may feel intimidated by the unfamiliar environment of the exam. By sitting a practice test, children can begin to grow more comfortable and familiar with the exam process, which can help beat these nerves and improve their overall performance.

2) Mock exams can introduce students to exam procedures
This includes exam timings, answer sheets, and even what equipment students can and can’t use. This can help improve a student’s overall performance in an exam and can boost their confidence, as students will have more familiarity with what to expect on their actual exam day.

3) Mock exams can help identify a student’s weak areas, so that they can improve significantly before their real exam.
Mock exams are a great way to spot what topics and subjects a student might be struggling with, as students will gain an accurate picture of how they respond to these questions in exam conditions. With the help of feedback reports, such as those provided by Eleven Plus Exams, students can then target these areas for improvement and revision.

To book an online mock exam or to see the next available dates for our in-person mocks, based in Harrow, North London, visit:

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