We are very pleased to announce that Eleven Plus Exams has recently been shortlisted for several awards as part of the National Tutoring Awards 2024, organised by the Tutors’ Association. If Eleven Plus Exams has helped you, you can vote for us in their People’s Choice Awards!

The Tutor’s Association is the nonprofit regulatory body for professional tutors and the supplementary education sector in the UK. These awards celebrate the work and diversity of the individuals and businesses at the heart of the field of tuition in the UK. 

Shortlisted Categories

Eleven Plus Exams is proud to have been shortlisted for the following awards:

  • Education Resources for Tuition
  • Tuition Provider for Evaluating Impact
  • Tuition Delivery to Private Clients

Eleven Plus Exams prides itself on providing everything a student, parent or tutor could need to best prepare for the 11+ and common entrance exams.

90% of Eleven Plus Exams’ tutees achieve their 1st and 2nd choice of school. Of particular note is its tutees’ success in super selective schools. In the past year, for example, 45 of its students gained a place at Queen Elizabeth School for Boys, Barnet which typically only offers 180 places for thousands of applicants. 

Eleven Plus Exams’ success is due to its commitment to tracking the progress of each of its students. We use our custom-built Virtual Learning Environment to analyse achievement on a subject, topic and subtopic level, in English, mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Above all, Eleven Plus Exams is dedicated to student success and providing professional, high quality services, resources, advice and support to everyone embarking on their 11+ journey with us, whether that is through our tuition, mock exams or the lively online community within our forums.

We are thrilled to be considered alongside the other fantastic tuition businesses and partners within these categories.

Vote for us in the People’s Choice Award

As well as considering awards via their own judging panel, the National Tutoring Awards also awards a People’s Choice Award. This is an accolade that allows the public to vote for who they believe has made a significant impact in the tuition sector.

If you have found Eleven Plus Exams’ services, resources and advice helpful, you can vote for us!

To vote for Eleven Plus Exams:

  1. Fill out this google form
  2. Select “Eleven Plus Exams Tuition” in the Tuition Business and Tuition Partner lists.
  3. Enter your name and email address.
  4. Click “Submit” to vote!

The voting runs until Sunday 16th June. The nominees with the most votes will be the winners in each category. Votes will be limited to one vote per person for each award, so be sure to share this with your friends if you think Eleven Plus Exams has made an impact on you and your child’s 11+ journey!

Thank you for voting and supporting Eleven Plus Exams!

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