Enrolment for our 2023 tuition courses will be opening between 24th – 28th February! Our courses are available for students to attend both in person and online, via our virtual learning

At Eleven Plus Exams, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality teaching, support and resources to enable all children to perform at their best when sitting the 11 plus or other common entrance exams. We understand the significance of these exams in shaping a pupil’s future and the pressure that can rest on a parent’s shoulders when it comes to preparing a child fully to sit the test! Our tuition courses are designed, therefore, to ease this burden for parents, by providing a structured, comprehensive programme for preparation.

Our online courses have become more popular due to the convenience of being available on demand; they provide time-efficient learning which can reduce the overall pressure children may be feeling as a result of the exam.

The content of our online tuition course mirrors our face-to-face course, which includes: 

  • weekly lessons and video tutorials
  • coverage of all four subjects tested in the 11 plus, as well as all major exam boards
  • progress monitoring by teachers through weekly plenary tests and homework
  • live interactive sessions to address areas of weakness
  • physical course books and resources
  • mock exam training
  • regular feedback and reports
  • thousands of 11 plus practice questions

To find out more, or to sign up for our courses today, visit: www.elevenplusexamstuition.co.uk⁣

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