Our new word game, Elexicon, has launched for students studying with us as part of our tuition courses.

Elexicon is a dynamic online vocabulary building game designed to prepare students for their English and Verbal Reasoning 11+ exams.

How Important is Vocabulary?

Building a strong vocabulary does not begin and end with the 11+: this is something that will benefit a child for the rest of their lives, as it strengthens their ability to express themselves and their ideas, and to ultimately convey what they want to say to the world. It is, of course, also essential for success in English and verbal reasoning exams! A strong vocabulary can help improve a child’s reading confidence and fluency. Students will also need a strong grasp of synonyms, antonyms and spelling for verbal reasoning.

Games are a fantastic way to boost your child’s vocabulary, often without them even realising.

Scrabble, Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, Articulate, Bananagrams – these are all games that will get your child’s brain whirring. They will expose children to hundreds of new words and will hopefully entertain and inspire them at the same time. It is also a great way to get the whole family involved.

Elexicon is designed to foster the same sense of fun in learning that these games inspire.

Elexicon and Vocabulary Development

Elexicon tests children on over 15,000 words sourced from the Oxford School Dictionary (2023 Edition). It provides a definition of a given word which children must then spell correctly in order to score a correct point for it. 

It follows the same basic rules as Hangman, in that children can guess a letter at a time and slowly begin to reveal the given word with correct guesses, or lose “lives” with incorrect guesses. This allows children to also hone their own logic skills and understanding of spelling conventions, key skills which are often tested in verbal reasoning question styles.

Our students have their own vocabulary dashboards, which show them an overview of the words they have learnt, and words they have failed to understand, which allows them the chance to review missed vocabulary and thus practise, learn and retain it. Check out Elexicon, part of our Eleven Plus Virtual Learning Environment.