Enrollment for our 2024 online tuition courses are open for years 3, 4 and 5.

Winter break is over and January marks the beginning of a brand new year. Many students will be starting their 11+ preparation in earnest, especially those who will be sitting the exam this September. 

Our online courses are here to take the guesswork out of your 11+ preparation schedule, providing a full and comprehensive breakdown of everything tested in these entrance exams.

Do online courses work?

Many parents ask us: is online teaching effective?

Evidence shows that learning happens equally well, whether online or in face-to-face lessons, so long as the course itself is high quality. 90% of our tutees achieve their first choice of school and our results show that the students on our online course perform just as well as the students in our face-to-face lessons. 

Our online tuition is perfect for parents and students with a busy schedule who want all the benefits of competitive tuition from the comfort of home.

In years 3 and 4 especially this ease of access can make beginning 11 plus tuition a less intimidating endeavour.

Gaps in your child’s knowledge in English and mathematics can hold them back as they progress through school. These are subjects that build on themselves, so year 3 is an opportune time to make sure children have strong foundations for their core subjects – especially if they want to sit the 11+.

Our model

The content of our online tuition course mirrors our face-to-face course, which includes: 

  • weekly lessons and video tutorials
  • coverage of all four subjects tested in the 11 plus, as well as all major exam boards
  • progress monitoring by teachers through weekly plenary tests and homework
  • live interactive sessions to address areas of weakness
  • physical course books and resources
  • mock exam training
  • regular feedback and reports
  • thousands of 11 plus practice questions

To find out more, or to sign up for our courses today, visit: www.elevenplusexamstuition.co.uk.

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